Interesting Facts about Landscaping

Landscaping is fun to do; it gives an avenue for leisure at the same time increases curb appeal to the homeowner’s property. Likewise, services like tree trimming Hawaii, landscapers, and professional gardeners see landscaping as a method that needs skills and knowledge to be executed well. Whether you are just a normal resident trying to design a landscape on your lawn or backyard, or a professional landscaper, you probably think you already know all the things that there is to know about landscaping. This is understandable as some people would think that landscaping basics are easy to learn and execute.

In this article, we will share with you some of the things that you, perhaps, do not know yet about landscaping. These facts will give you more knowledge and idea on how to take care of your lawn better or how to appreciate it more.

1. Lawns produce oxygen

It has been proven by many researches that lawns actually do produce oxygen and a community in which houses have lawns with real grass and turf is cooler than communities with fewer lawns and real grass.

2.Grass composes a huge part of our land

There are about 21 million acres of grass in the United States alone that are located in front lawns and backyards. Now, this a lot of grass to cut and maintain.

3. People on the Internet still browse grass wallpapers

The sight of the green field of grass does not just provide relaxation to the eyes in person but also even on screen. This is why people still search for grass field wallpapers for their desktop. And guess what, the most viewed picture of a landscape in the whole world is the default Windows XP background of a large field which is called “Bliss.”

4. Australia is the home for landscape projects

Australia is the landscape capital in the world. They are known to have many national parks compared to the rest of the countries and they also hire more landscapers as there are many landscaping projects that need them.

5.Trees are more energy-efficient than you think

It is known by many that trees provide shade to a certain place and this results in a cooler environment. This also entails less consumption of energy to power AC units for cooling the house. However, do you know that an AC unit that is shaded by a tree increases its efficiency by up to 10%? this might sound odd: a tree cooling an AC unit, but it is true.

6.Weeding and mowing are great exercises to burn calories

It is said that mowing within an hour can burn up to 500 calories while weeding within an hour can burn 300 calories. Doing these is like burning calories by still being productive at home.

7.A landscape is more just aesthetics

A good landscape is more than just pretty arrangements and greens. It is known to affect social behaviors as well as the environment.

8.the term landscape is an art word

The term landscape initially referred to painting. This entails that landscapers also have the ability to do arts through plants and greens.